Curse of the Crimson Throne


In which a demiplane is breached

The heroes, finding no more good loot within the demiplane, decide to use the teleportation circle in an attempt to escape. The portal leads them back to the Material Plane, and Kat is named the second victor of the breaching festival in its history. The celebrations are quickly put on hold however as their exit from the demiplane seems to have released all of its infernal denizens onto the Academae grounds. Students and Heroes alike work quickly to dispatch as many as possible before the city’s citizens are again significantly reduced in number.

In the aftermath, many questions arise as to what has happened and who may be responsible. The Headmaster does not get cast in a positive light with his ignorance of the truth behind the Breaching, as well as his mismanagement of the funds for the winner.


Carorosev Carorosev

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