Curse of the Crimson Throne

Castle Assault, Part Deux

Where the Party Acquires a Deck of Many Things

After briefly catching their breaths, the party decides to head for the Queen’s chambers, in the hope of finding her in the bath. They do not find her naked nor bathing, and instead fight a refreshed Togomor and his puppet master, Sermignatto. After the defeat of Sermignatto, the party discovers that Togomor was actually being controlled by the Devil, and is charmed into confessing his complicity to the crimes against Korvosa after revealing what he knows of the Queen’s whereabouts.

On Togomor’s suggestion, the group heads to the entrance to a secret tower used by Queen Domina during her reign. Inside, they find an infernal contract binding Queen Ileosa’s soul to an Erinyes and other infernal help in exchange for….well, the party is unsure as none of them speak Infernal and aren’t very good at Legaleze. A quick perusal of Ileosa’s new favorite Tome however, reveal she was very interested in a Thassilonian spellcaster who seemed to have perfected a way to make herself eternally young by sacrificing thousands of her minions at once. Shocked by the implications to the citizens of Korvosa, the heroes quickly search for other clues as to where this ritual may be taking place.

They find a map made by Togomor that quite easily shows them how to find the Sunken Queen, an ancient Thassilonian monument to one of the mysterious Runelords, and the focal spot for Queen Ileosa’s plans. They make haste out of the castle and into the Mushfens, but before they do decide to give the dungeons just one more look, as they hadn’t yet discovered where their friend Ishani was being held.

They head down towards the dungeon levels, and along the way find an evil and horrific construct called an Akaruzug, which is powered by the soul of the now deceased Ishani. They defeat the construct and rescue Ishani’s body so they may resurrect him when they leave.

In the dungeon, they find very little treasure, a strange pillar extending into the floor quite a ways, and a recently bricked up wall, behind which are the twisted remains of a tiefling corpse. They get a sense that they must take them upstairs, and bring them to Venster Arabasti’s room, where inside they reunite them with his tortured ghost. As payment for helping him, he offers to meld his energy with Zellara’s Harrow Deck, in order to create a powerful Deck of Many Things.

The party then takes a side-trek as they pull cards from the deck, gaining great boons and narrowly avoiding great curses. Their draws complete, Zellara appears one last time to thank them before moving to her final rest.

Having had that load of fun, and with a Large sized Paladin, the party sets off to the Mushfens to confront the Queen, hopefully in time to stop her from the destruction of Korvosa and her citizens.


Carorosev Carorosev

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