Curse of the Crimson Throne

Damsel in Distress

Seven Days to the Grave

The next morning at Bard’s End, they find they have a cryptic note left for them from Vencarlo Orsini, asking them to come visit him at his academy. They go to Old Korvosa and are ushered inside the Academy by a serious looking Vencarlo, who reveals he has an important yet secretive task for the PCs. It becomes obvious what the nature of the task is as he reveals the presence of the fugitive Trinia Sabor.

Vencarlo explains that the night of the excitement, he had just arrived home when the scoundrel Blackjack and a startled Miss Sabor arrived on his doorstep. He admits he has aided Blackjack in the past, and hadn’t seen the rogue in years, but agreed to hide Trinia all the same. She’s been hidden out in his academy ever since, but the time has come to smuggle her out of the city. Vencarlo fears he is being watched for his public admonishments of the monarchy, and asks the PCs to get the disguised woman to the edge of town. The PCs have no trouble getting her out of the city, where she has directions to a safe location in another town thanks to Vencarlo. The fencing master has opted to go to ground, hinting of another matter he must attend to. He says not to try to find him, but that he will contact them when the time is right.


Carorosev Carorosev

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