Curse of the Crimson Throne


Seven Days to the Grave

As the PCs move through North Point escorting Trinia, an aggressive beggar stumbles up to them, hacking and wheezing, a splotchy red rash and blisters the size of ripe grapes covering his face and arms as he pleads for coins to buy food and medicine. PCs who keep alert for other signs of the disease as they travel through Korvosa can make DC 15 Spot checks to notice at least five other individuals—beggars, common folk, and even a merchant—who display familiar fiery rashes.

The day after escorting Trinia out of the city, an acolyte from the Grand Vault approaches the PCs telling them that Vaultkeeper Dhatri requests an audience with them at the temple. When they arrive, there is a throng of dozens of people, many of whom show the familiar fiery rashes of this new sickness. Gidion promises to help one person later and to meet up with them afterwards. When the party meets with Ishani, he tells them that since the day they saw Brienna, people have been showing up sick, even some of the Bankers who have no dealings with the sick. He believes this is the beginning of a bigger problem, and asks for an introduction to the Korvosan Guard (as well as safe escort) so he may begin pooling divine resources to battle this disease.

The PCs agree and make their way to Citadel Volshyenek, only to find that the Guard is already in motion. In addition to the Guard is the presence of a new military group, backed by the Queen herself, called the Grey Maidens. These women in full plate with blank face masks are being tasked with coordinating the Guardsmen as well as a contingent of eerily dressed Plague Doctors, hastily brought in from Cheliax and other areas. Following a speech from Cressidia, the PCs gain access to the talks of what is going on currently, and to discuss how to move forward with fighting the outbreak. Cressidia tells our heroes that she will let them know where she needs them to help as the need arises.


Carorosev Carorosev

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