Curse of the Crimson Throne

Vanishing Virtuosos

Seven Days to the Grave

The next morning as the PCs are gearing to explore the derelict ship, they run into their friend Deyanira Mirukova. She is frantic with worry about her brother Ruan. He had left the day before yesterday for a gig in Southshore for some nobles who decided to throw a party during a plague. Crazy, sure, but nobles were always a little off. Ali realizes her brother Andi also went with Ruan for the same gig. Deyanira says that Ruan hadn’t returned home, and when she went to Carowyn manor to investigate, all the curtains were drawn, and a strange smell was emanating from the front door. No one answered her hails, and she was just on her way to the Citadel to ask for help. Ali, also fearful for Andi, rushes off to Southshore to see what is going on.

The PCs enter the house and find a massacre has taken place. All the partygoers are dead and were then reanimated and posed to continue partying as undead. Ali frantically searches each room, with no sign of Ruan or her brother. On the top floor, the PCs are attacked by an elf dressed as a Harlequin. She is captured and is obviously bat-shit crazy. They are able to get enough information out of her to know that she came here under the instruction of her boyfriend Rolth, who came maybe yesterday with some women in grey armor with red plumes, and took alive and well Ruan and Andi with him.


Carorosev Carorosev

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