Curse of the Crimson Throne

Down With Tyrants!

In Which We Stop a Wicked Queen and the Resurrection of Kazavon

After the defeat of the Erinyes and Boggard Champions, the party quickly moves to the next floor in search of Ileosa. They find her temporary living space, the living quarters of her Erinyes, as well as a carefully laid trap for Gidion, which he resists.

They then buff up and move to the final floor at the top of the pyramid, where the Queen and her last minions await the party. Here they find her in her attunement process with the Everdawn Pool, a 30 foot diameter blob of blood floating in the middle of the large space.

As they enter, the Queen has only fury for them, and releases her wrath and the wrath of her minions. They fight quite strongly against the heroes in what is likely their most difficult battle yet. Unfortunately for the wicked Queen, the group had a few tricks up their sleeve courtesy of the Deck of Many Things and forced her out of hiding. Her response was to send several of them very close to death before they were able to get the best of her defenses.

As Gidion struck the final blow with Serithtial, the Fangs of Kazavon made it’s attempt to take over the Everdawn Pool’s power in an effort to resurrect itself as the great wyrm Kazavon. The room erupts in lightning and chains as the skeletal frame of the dragon begins to burst forth from the pool. Only a very lucky prayer to Desna saves the day and Gidion plunges Serithtial into the forming beast, ending it’s process abruptly and covering them with goo.

Having defeated the evil of Ileosa and again Kazavon, they return to Korvosa as Cressidia and Neolandus have successfuly led their rebellion against any remaining forces of the Queen. Despite the several months of running down the city, the citizens have enough morale left to rally a celebration in honor of the heroes that delivered them from certain doom.

Yet their work is not quite done. Political maneuverings are already underway in the power vacuum and nobles are making their plays at the throne. Who will be King or Queen? House Arkona has been making a strong bid for the seat. Alianna and Andrezi find out that their Chelaxian relatives on their mother’s side are desperate for heirs and offer them noble titles, which begins to complicate their lives moreso than they originally thought. Ivan’s doppleganers have already begun to sully his good name with wicked deeds and he finds his estranged father is finally ready to recognize him as his half-breed son. Katarina finds her newly intelligent glaive is more of a handful than she initially realized, and that her flat refusal of her genie husband has brought the ire of his family. Gidion inherits a castle which he placed nearby Korvosa, only to find that he is now in a land dispute with the original owners of the lands, who also wish to claim his castle as their own!

….but perhaps these chronicles of our heroes are for another time….


Carorosev Carorosev

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