Curse of the Crimson Throne


In Which We Find a God-Forged Artifact

The group decides to head for the main hall to confront the castle’s castellan and spirit anchor, Mithrodar. Being aware of all that happens in the castle, Mithrodar knows the threat the heroes pose to him and therefore he gathers as many undead minions to him as possible. The party, not expecting as much resistance, still have little issue in taking everything out in the room. As the Spirit Anchor falls the undead of the castle fall to the ground and the heavy blanket of evil covering the castle seems to lift.

The heroes rest up and head for the hexagonal tower, where they find several Nessian Warhounds and a ‘dead’ juju zombie. Continuing into the ‘guest wing’, the group finds there was at least one powerful undead that did not die with the curse, a Danse Macabre. While Ivan and Laori were stuck in an irresistible dance, Gidion got to go toe to scythe with the incorporeal menace.

Clearing the castle proper, the group decides to head back into the castle donjon to look for an entrance into the Startower. After much searching and frustration, the group finally finds a secret locked entrance into the tower, and several more secret doors later find a stairwell leading down into darkness.

In this next, visually disturbing room, a voice in the darkness asks who in the group would like to be the next Curate of the Startower, in service to the Midnight Lord. Ali identifies it as a Nightwing hanging out near the ceiling. At this point, Laori and Sial begin arguing about who should ‘volunteer’ for the position. The argument quickly comes to blows, and Laori shows Sial who’s the bigger bitch. The Nightwing then accepts Sial, and also offers Laori a trip to the Shadowrealm to speak of Sial’s transgressions to the Night Lord. The three of them disappear, leaving the party alone in the disturbing, dark room, with a hole in the floor emitting blue light.

Stepping into the blue mist, the party emerges below-ground in a series of caverns. They encounter the area’s natural denziens – Gugs – before attempting to cross a dark and silent lake to a light on the far side. The light is being emitted by a bastard sword. As they cross, a grossly obese and terribly ugly beast emerges from the lake to try to prevent the heroes from reaching the sword. Gidion slips past and takes hold of the weapon, which transforms into the longsword he favors. The group then hacks at the creature until he dies before exiting to the surface again.

End of Chapter 5


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