Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Breaching

In Which the Party Fights Devils.

The party fights the handmaiden devil, who cryptically tells the party that “His contracts are his strength.” before disappearing. They explore the room she was in and find to their surprise Terentius’ spell book! They go over to give it to him and, fulfilling his contract, dimensions away to be released from the demiplane. The invisible stalkers in the library immediately begin attacking the party.

The next room has a barbed devil and a devourer, the tortured face of Maganrad appearing in his chest. They are in the middle of arguing in Infernal about who owns the wizard’s soul, turning to attack the party for interrupting.

After dispatching them, they enter a very large circular room that is obviously the main chamber of the demiplane. A large domed ceiling covered in frescoes depicts the founder of the Academae, Volshyenek Ornelos, and an Infernal Duke entering some sort of contract, and then scenes of past breaching festivals and contestants being sent to this demiplane and their doom.

They enter an intense battle with a contract devil, Chyvvom, and his minions. Upon his defeat, the large summoning circle in the center of the first floor begins to glow with magic. The party stops to consider how to proceed.


Carorosev Carorosev

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