Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Old Fishery

In Which We Make A Shocking Discovery

The PCs enter the Old Fishery after sundown, and take care of Gaedren’s main thugs Yargin, Hookshanks, Giggles and the mangy cur Bloo. All the little lambs are too scared to fight back and run into the night as soon as their captors are dead. The PCs then make their way under the fishery to access Gaedren’s Den, where he has Ivan’s sister strung up ready to feed to his crocodile Gobblegut.

After dispatching of Lamm quickly and anticlimactically, you loot Gaedrens rather pitiful treasures. Within his bedroom however, you make a shocking discovery – the head of Zellara! You go back to her apartment and discover that Zellara did pursue Gaedren, but was then captured and killed several weeks ago. She gathered the heroes together posthumously and now haunts her Harrow Deck.


Good riddance to that uberdouche! Ali was very happy to see him gone. Sad about Zellara, though.

The Old Fishery
Carorosev Carorosev

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