Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Rebel Movement

Where we fight an Ifrit and a Dragon

Checking one task off their list from Cressidia, the party sets out to find the new ‘hero’ of Korvosa, Trifaccia. It seems a group of ‘rebels’ beat the crap out of residents until they’re run off by the masked man who then saves the resident and gives them a bag of gold.

The party gets cornered by the rebels, they throw insults, some of which seem to try to affect the group magically. Then Trifaccia shows up. He challenges the party to a duel, with the loser taking his friends and leaving town. Andi accepts the challenge and they are in a fierce duel until Ali realizes that Trifaccia isn’t all he appears to be. She calls him out as not human, and his entire city plan is blown. He transforms into an Ifrit and the party defeats him.

Word spreads of the Heroes of Korvosa’s return, and they search for a place to rest. As they go into their resting hole, word reaches them that a black dragon has taken to the skies over Castle Korvosa, with a Grey Maiden rider. They rest up, and make their way to a town square, where Ali creates the illusion of a large gold dragon being ridden by Gidion. The black dragon arrives and lands with the grey maiden commander, Sabina Merrin, astride. The battle is fierce, but the dragon does not seem to be using his full advantage in the battle. As a result the fight is surprisingly short, and Sabina surrenders to the Paladin immediately.

Sabina then reveals to them that she knew of the Queen’s cruelty but figured that if she was close to her she could temper that cruelty. She lets them know that she wishes to help free the women from Longacre building, while the party storms the castle to confront Ileosa.


Carorosev Carorosev

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