Alliana Zeldana

Female Human Bard Sorceress


Stands 5’5", red of hair, with emerald eyes.

Str 10
Dex 18
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 13
Cha 24

Saves, Fort +6, Ref +12, Will +9

AC – 22


Ali was born to a Varisian traveling merchant and his wife, a noble woman of Chelaxian descent who he met during his travels. They retired from the merchant business and became tavern owners. Ali’s father still maintains his merchant contacts, which allow him to find some pretty good prices on his tavern goods, but he is happy to be settled in Korvosa.

When Ali was younger, she showed aptitude in a variety of skills, including Tattoo Artistry, Dancing, and Climbing, as well as an unusual weapon skill. Her parents encouraged her interests in these areas. They were less encouraging of her and her brother’s habit of “collecting” things from the pockets of other townsfolk, so Ali and Andrezi (her brother learned to keep that quiet.

In her adolescent years, Ali was approached by Desna herself, who asked Ali to be one of her Agents on earth. When Ali accepted, she was given a Varisian Sorcerer Tattoo Animal as a reward.

In her later years, Ali and Andi spent more time on the street pulling con games, mostly on visitors from out of town. Ali would tell fortunes while Andi rifled their packs, or they would pretend to give directions only to send the folks to a mugging ambush. They would also perform Varisian dance routines while others worked the crowd. This allowed them to develop contacts with members of the local underworld, but after a few brushes with the law, Ali gave up the life of crime and went straight, although she still maintains contacts with her “friends” in the Guild. Ali developed some jaded tastes during this time, unfortunately including Shiver.

About two years ago, Ali was accepted to the Bardic Academy in Korvosa. She spent a year their learning her trade, but was very unfocused as a student. She had a tendency to spend more time in the local taverns than in her studies, and became known as somewhat of a party girl. Her dependence on Shiver grew progressively worse during this time. Her dealer, Gaedren Lamm, was very talented at keeping people hooked, and Ali was no exception. She reached the stage where she was willing to do almost anything for a hit, and after missing an important performance due to being in a Shiver-induced coma, she was expelled from the Academy.

Fortunately, her brother Andi came to her rescue at this time. He spent many weeks helping her to overcome her addiction and nursing her back to health. He was furious at the person who had addicted her to such a potent drug, but Ali refused to divulge her dealer’s name, for fear her brother would confront Gaedren and end up dead.

Start of game.

Ali Typical Day
Ali wakes up early in the morning, to get in a dance workout every day. She pretty obsessed with proving she can be just as good, or hopefully better, than her college peers. She definitely wants to be the best.

After working out and breakfast, she would try and spend some time reading Harrow fortunes for coin. Maybe she knows a couple other Varisian gals who do the same, and she could take a shift in a communal tent/shop? She could also do tattooing. She would probably work at this job until lunchtime.

After the mid-day meal, Ali will wander about town, looking for a good place to do a dance performance. She probably has a couple of regular locations, but she would also be on the looking for a good crowd anywhere that the guards wont run her off. If her brother is available often, she would probably meet up with him and then perform together. If one or both of the Mirukova’s were around, that would work too.

Late in the afternoon she would try and meet up with her brother and his friends, or the Mirukovas, or someone she knows, to have dinner. If not, she would find a place with lots of people. Ali doesn’t like to be alone.

She doesn’t really have a permanent place to stay, I don’t think – she doesn’t like to be tied down. She probably rents various rooms throughout town, changing locations once a week/month or so. She may occasionally stop in at Bard’s End and stay with her parents, but not very often. Maybe more often as of late though – being around the parents might make her feel more secure, considering her recent troubles.

Alliana Zeldana

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