Adult Umbral Dragon


Fierce, crimson eyes gleam from scales the shade of midnight. A terrible, skeletally gaunt draconic visage leers at the end of a powerful, serpentine neck. Its body is black and lithe, so dark that the sheen of its onyx sales makes it appear almost indistinct. Angular backward-swept horns, wings that arc like gothic steeples, tight skin, and a thin, whip-like tail accentuate the hissing dragon’s sinister ferocity, giving it the appearance of a starved serpent ready to strike.


Drawn to Castle Scarwall by the fair promise of treasures and things to eat, Belshallam learned too late that he could be trapped there. He is given a much longer leash than other denziens, but this does nothing to cure the near-perpetual state of ennui that residence in Scarwall provides a living dragon.

His initial reaction to the PCs is delight in something actually living to munch on. After finding out how deadly they are, however, his desire to live outweighs his desire to eat them.


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