Bishop Zev Ravenka

Scary Demilich


Glittering jewels encrust this leering skull as it floats up into the air on a swirling vortex of dust and shimmering magic.


The night of Mandraivus’s raid, Bishop Zev Ravenka received a dark premonition of the invasion from the Midnight Lord. When Mandraivus infiltrated Scarwall, Bishop Zev Ravenka enacted his plan to protect himself and his chapel, and called upon Zon-Kuthon to ward the entrances and exits with a potent forbiddance spell that kept the cabal from entering the donjon. Ravenka assumed that Kazavon would defeat the cabal. When he didn’t, the lich’s plan backfired as Mandraivus and his spellcasting allies wove forbiddance magic of their own to keep the lich and his followers trapped inside. Eventually, Ravenka would have escaped, except that when Mandraivus was slain, the donjon became the focus of the resulting explosion of undeath and necromantic power. Each of his minions succumbed, their spirits joining those in the walls or transforming into undead guardians. Zev Ravenka, himself already undead, underwent an even more vile transformation. His body was blasted apart to dust, and the curse of Scarwall transformed the Bishop into a deadly undead creature known as a demilich.

Bishop Zev Ravenka

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