Black Ivan

Hero in training. Legend in the making.


Gestalt Fighter / Ninja with Duelist levels.


Background for Black Ivan

One of the worst mistakes of my life was hooking up with Gaedren Lamm. I had turned into a petty thief working for this bastard. It tore at my soul. My conscious was killing me. I was supposed to be a swashbuckling adventurer and hero but that seemed a distant dream now. Then it happened. The bastard was wearing my murdered mother’s ring. How did he get it and from who?

I thought back over my life. How did it come to this point?

I was the illegitimate son of an unmarried woman named Sestra. I had been born and spent my early years on my grandparent’s farm outside of Korvosa. Most of my extended family are nomadic Gypsies. Relatives would come and go from the farming community all the time. I learned everything important from members of our clan. Fighting skills, music, lock picking, alchemy and dancing.

I have a half sister who was two years older than me. Lyudmila. Her father had died of some disease he contracted while traveling. Sestra went looking for love in all the wrong places after his death. My Dad was the ambassador of the elves from the Mierani Forest. Perishial Kalissreavil is his name. Perish Evil is how I think of him. I had no contact with him. I wanted to meet him when I was young. I could not understand why he never had any contact with me. Now I just wanted to put a dagger in his back.

In my teens, I lived in an apartment with my sister and my mom in the Shingles. We were comfortable and happy. Everything changed when I was 16. One night the Korvosan Guard came. They had found Mom murdered in an alley. Knifed in the back. I had to go with them to identify the body. My sister was so hysterical that she could not come along. It looked like Sestra had been dragged into the alley. She had been robbed of her money she had but more importantly – the family ring was gone. It was an heirloom and a part of a pass key to get into meetings of our Gypsy clan. We needed to get it back. No one outside of the clan should the ring.

I inherited the deed to the apartment after Mom’s murder. My sister lives with me some of the time and she spends some time at the farm. I needed to support myself and my sister. I did not want to be a farmer. Lyudmila and I had quite a friendly rivalry. We had competed at everything since we were little kids.

My grandfather taught me to play the flute. I was really good at it. We would sit around the campfires at night. Some would dance. Some would sing. I would play with the other musicians. After dark would come my favorite part. Storytelling. I had spent a lot of time listening to tales of Black Jack. I longed to be part of his adventures. He was so daring and such a great hero of the city. There were tales of other heroic people and deeds but none thrilled me like the tales of Black Jack. I wanted to be like him.

After Mom’s murder, I hung around the Bard’s End tavern for the music, dancing, girls and alcohol. Andi and Ali were there. They were always good for a laugh or an adventure.

During the day, I wandered the streets doing odd jobs. Anything to make money for my sister and me. Some of the other street kids talked working for Gaedren Lamm. I did some delivery jobs for him. Lamm told tales of Black Jack at night. He was a great storyteller. Soon I was working for him every day. He lured me in with me in with false promises. He told us he could lead us on great adventures. He promised the moon but all we became were petty thieves supporting him. I hated him. I hated myself for getting involved with him. It turns out Lamm was nothing but a small time crook who used kids to do his dirty work.

My uncle Vito gave me a gem to help support my sister and me. He also gave me a blowgun flute that could fire a poison dart. He had obtained it in some far off land. I showed the gem to Lamm and had him appraise it. He said it was worth $3,300 gold. He offered to help me hide it in my apartment. For safekeeping he said. Ha! Then he sent me on an important errand. When I returned home that night, the gem was gone. I bet that SOB stole it.

So here we are. Gaedren Lamm has Mom’s ring. He probably has my gem too. It is possible that Lamm was connected with Mom’s murder. I thought about options. It would be too risky to try to steal it.

I went to my father’s home to see if he would help get justice for Mom. He would not even see me. I should have expected that.

I needed the clan ring back. I needed my gem back. I needed justice for my mom. Gaedren Lamm was the key. I would bring him down one way or another. I would snitch him out to the law. It would violate the Thieves Guild rules but I did not want to be a thief all my life anyway. I could get a trusted group of my friends together and we would take down Lamm. We would get to the truth.

Bonuses from background:
Comfortable status plus 110% max starting money.
Survival +2
Knowledge of sewers in Korvosa and in other cities.
Weapon focus for free or +3 to exotic weapons.
Animal tattoo – Black panther. Good luck talisman to party within 20’ +1
Perform +5 musical instrument.
MW weapon for free.
Orphaned +2 to craft

Black Ivan

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