Hero of the Downtrodden


A man dressed in a hooded cloak and leather armor springs onto the executioner’s block. He wields a rapier in one hand and a dagger in the other. Blackjack cuts the bonds on Trinia’s wrists and then throws the dagger down to pin the executioner’s left foot to the wood below. He quickly helps Trinia to her feet and then briefly turns to address the shocked crowd.

“Yes, indeed, my queen! Let us usher in justice, but let that be justice for Korvosa, not this shambles you petulantly call a monarchy! Long live Korvosa! Down with the Queen!”


Not seen for a good many years, tales of Blackjack had for the most part, faded into the merely yet another part of Korvosa’s colorful history. As much a legend and rumor as a known man, the black-clad Blackjack has remained a fixture of Korvosan lore for more than two centuries. The figure known as Blackjack serves the poor and downtrodden of the city, fighting against the injustices of cold-hearted nobles and dark-souled merchants. Although he has not appeared in more than a decade, people have no doubt he still lives somewhere in the city, waiting for the next great travesty of justice for a chance to come forward and render aid.

Because he has existed for more than 200 years, nobody in the city believes him to be a single person. The most popular rumor surrounding Blackjack places him as a series of human men, with one training the next down through history. Another popular rumor claims he is an elf, ghaele eladrin, or some other member of a long-lived or immortal race who exists in secret among the short-lived humans of the city.

Needless to say, Blackjack’s sudden reappearance has set numerous tongues wagging. Wildly embellished news of the event has quickly spread to every corner of the city, leaving all to wonder why Korvosa’s long-absent hero chose now to reappear and why he rescued a sentenced killer.


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