Female Human Ninja/Ranger/Red Mantis Assassin


Although she conceals her face with the traditional mantis mask when in battle, Cinnabar is in fact quite beautiful, with strawberry hair and what was once a kind face. Her loveliness, however, is marred by the fact that she has long since ceased to smile.


The sole child of the notorious Red Mantis cultist Carmine the Lustful Feaster, Cinnabar was an egregious disappointment to the family tradition—her meek manner left her ill-suited to be a killer. Carmine, however, had Cinnabar “fixed” at the age of eight by placing a geas upon her, compelling the young girl to kill at least one living creature each week without assistance or suffer wracking pain and potential death.

Out of necessity, Cinnabar swiftly grew to become a dispassionate and self-reliant killer. As a result, she took to her Red Mantis training with a level of dedication previously unseen in any other initiate. She finally came of age when her mother perished on a job, leaving Cinnabar alone in the world. With the death of her mother, though, came an unforeseen development. Hatred of her mother was all Cinnabar had to cling to, and with her mother dead and the regular geas now removed, little remained but loyalty to the Red Mantis. Emotionless and hollow, Cinnabar’s chilling lack of passion makes her a truly effective killer, yet also robs her of the drive to climb the ladder of the Red Mantis society. She has stagnated, in effect, in the role of commander, something her superiors hope to cure her of by giving her an important task—something that will return her inner fire and make her fit for true leadership within the society.

Although Cinnabar has had the inconvenience of the geas removed, she continues to slay with her trademark dispassion and frequency. Most within the lower-echelon of the Red Mantis believe that Cinnabar’s geas remains in effect and that to displease her is to become her weekly sustenance. This false belief has enabled Cinnabar to command a loyalty of fear unrivaled by her Red Mantis peers.


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