Katarina Belisarius

Abjurer/Cleric of Shelyn


Black haired, Green eyed, Shoanti/Varisian.

Str 14
Dex 14
Con 10
Int 18
Wis 19
Cha 16

Saves Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +12

AC 19 (Mithral Breastplate +1 (7), Dex (2))
Wields a Glaive +1


Esmerelda was traveling with her Varisian family, heading to Korvosa, when they came across an injured Shoanti man. He was badly hurt and apparently had been ambushed and left for dead. Esmerelda felt drawn to the strangely tattooed man and helped nurse him back to health. When Haskin regained consciousness his first sight was of Esmerelda. He was instantly smitten by her. In the short time it took Haskin to regain enough strength to travel on his own again, he and Esmerelda had fallen in love. Haskin knew that bringing a non-Shoanti back to his tribe would be rough but he was a fairly powerful subchieftan of the Shundar-Quah.
He took Esmerelda back to his clan and married her. He already had 2 sons from a previous marriage, Anwar and Bolgor, and they were happy to welcome Esmerelda into the family. Because of Haskin’s position in the clan and the fact that his clan was more open to outsiders, Esmerelda was quickly accepted into the clan. The nearby Sklar-Quah broke off communications with the Shundar-Quah over Haskin bringing a ‘tshamek’ into the clan. The clan chief wasn’t pleased by this result but the Sklar-Quah hates all outsiders so it wasn’t that big of a surprise.
A year later Esmerelda became pregnant. The shaman of the Sklar-Quah came to visit the chief of the Shundar-Quah telling him that Esmerelda’s pregnancy was cursed and the child shouldn’t be allowed to live. The Shundar-Quah chief figured this was just another tactic they were using to try to drive off outsiders and disregarded him.
Esmerelda was nearing the end of her pregnancy and they were visiting the Shadde-Quah when a band of slavers raided the camp after the warriors had left for hunting. They abducted a few of the women including Esmerelda. The slavers quickly loaded them onto a nearby ship. All of the captives were put into the brig so they wouldn’t get away. The warriors quickly found about the raid and the joined Shundar-Quah and Shadde-Quah started chasing after the slavers. Between the 2 clans the shamans were able to call up a storm to help drive the slavers into the shore but something happened and they lost control of the storm. At the same time Esmerelda went into labor. When Katarina was born every item of glass on the slavers ship shattered. This caused quite a few fires as the oil lamps all spilled their contents all over. The storm helped keep the worst of the flames from catching but the slavers had to land. The combined Shundar and Shadde Quah quickly eliminated the slavers and rescued the captives.
The Sklar-Quah blamed Esmerelda for the shaman losing control of the storm, which did some damage to the Shadde village. It didn’t help when the other Shadde-Quah captives told of all the glass on the ship shattering when Katarina was born.
Katarina’s early years were pleasant. She looked like a typical Shoanti child and actually looked almost exactly like the village leader. She grew quickly and would travel with Haskin and Esmerelda when they would travel to other Quah’s. The only time they didn’t travel with Haskin was when Esmerelda gave birth to Katarina’s younger brother, Kuric.
When Katarina was 5 they traveled to the Sklar-Quah village to discuss uniting the clans. The negotiations were tense but were moving along. Katarina got bored and started wondering around when she came across Kroj. Kroj started saying really bad things about Katarina’s mom being a tshamek and how I was one as well and didn’t belong with the Shoanti. Katarina ended up punching Kroj in the face and breaking one of his teeth. They started screaming and fighting which disrupted the negotiations. They were brought inside the tent that the negotiations were being held in. That is when Katarina found out that Kroj was the Sklar-Quah chiefs favorite son. Katarina is not real clear on what happened next but she remembers a lot of screaming and yelling between Haskin and the Sklar-Quah chief and Esmerelda. The next thing she knows Esmerelda picks her up and runs from the tent in tears. Haskin quickly joined them and they headed back to their village. Haskin was furious over something but Katarina never found out what it was. Esmerelda was in tears almost the whole way back. When they got back to their village Haskin helped load gear onto 2 horses and Esmerelda and Katarina were escorted from the village. Katarina never has found out what happened. When she would ask Esmerelda about the incident she was only told that Esmerelda had done something unforgivable.
Esmerelda took Katarina to Korvosa where her parents had moved, to live with them for a while. When Katarina turned 13, she and her mom left Korvosa and started traveling. Esmerelda wanted saw that Katarina had a talent for magic and wanted to see if she could get her into a good school. They traveled to Absalom but the costs for the schools were way to much for Esmerelda to afford. While in Absalom, Katarina was left on her own and a fairy came to visit her. This fairy told Katarina that she would give Katarina a blessing. This blessing was for a chest that would be the envy of every woman. The fairy told Katarina that this was a gift from Shelyn.
Shortly after Katarina received her blessing, they left Absalom and headed back to Korvosa. One of the contacts that Esmerelda acquired in Absalom was able to get her a meeting with one of the ministers of Korvosa, this led to a job with the Korvosan government. Katarina started to look for work as well. She was walking past the temple to Shelyn in Korvosa and heard singing inside. The singing made her heart swell with joy and she just had to go inside. Inside she was astonished to see that all of the worshipers and clergy were singing. Katarina always loved to sing but it never felt right. Here she felt that she could express herself fully. She decided, then and there, to devote her life to Shelyn. She went to the priests there and asked to be allowed to join them.
Esmerelda was glad that Katarina had found something that made her happy but she wanted her to reach her full potential. Now that she was working she enrolled Katarina into The Acadamae. Katarina always liked magic in all its forms so she was happy to go but wanted to pursue both avenues of magic. She kept up her studies at The Acadamae while also studying to become a priest of Shelyn. The church realized her dedication to both would be an asset later on and helped fund her tuition to The Acadamae.
Katarina was 18, 3 years into her studies, when Esmerelda got a job with the Magistrate helping with negotiations with the Shoanti clans. Her background with the clans helped get her into that position. About the same time, Katarina was walking along the shore of the Jeggare river collecting ingredients when she came across a waterlogged chest that had been wrapped in chains that had washed ashore. The chest looked to have been in the river for years but when she got it open she found was appeared to be a dead Psuedodragon that had only recently died. Katarina whispered a quick prayer to Shelyn and started thinking about where she would bury the poor creature when it started moving. It sat up and started cleaning itself off like nothing had happened. The Psudodragon introduced itself as Scytheria and thanked Katarina for letting her our of the chest. Scytheria couldn’t remember how she got into the chest or how long she had been in it. She returned to Korvosa to introduce Scytheria to Esmerelda. Esmerelda took Scytheria as a sign that things were gong to happen for Katarina and decided to pay to have Katrina tutored in handling the Glaive so she would be prepared for what was to come. Katarina also wanted to increase her skill at singing and decided to get a tutor to help her with that.
Katarina is 25 and just getting out of The Acadamae. She succeeded at graduating as an Abjurer and also became a Cleric of Shelyn. She is ready to see what life brings her way now.

Katarina Belisarius

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