Krojun Eats-What-He-Kills

Fearsome Barbarian of the Sklar-Quah


Very large and imposing, this tribesman strikes fear in the tribes. The little remaining space upon his rippling muscles that has not already been tattooed or branded is frequently plastered with war paint in symbols of Shoanti pride.

Krojun is the son of Chief Ready-Klar of the Sun Clan. He is one of the clans most fearsome warriors with his specialized Klar and Earthbreaker technique. He finds all Tshamek to be distasteful because that’s what he was always taught. These new visitors however amuse and interest him.


Krojun is a symbol and hero of the Sklar-Quah. As a young brave, Krojun sought the means to enact revenge upon an orc champion named Kyrust Chief killer, a Rotten Tongue marauder from Urglin who had long organized brutal raids upon Krojun’s tribe. Desperate, Krojun sought the aid of a reclusive Shoanti sorcerer who lived alone deep in the Mindspin Mountains. The hermit sent Krojun on several punishing tests, promising him that if he succeeded he would earn the power he needed to defeat Kyrust. The tests were harrowing indeed, designed in part to train Krojun in the ways of the Thunder and Fang fighting style, and it took Krojun many months to complete them. In the end, he stood before the sorcerer in triumph. When Krojun demanded his reward, however, the sorcerer responded only that he had no reward to give and vanished. Krojun’s rage was great, and when he returned to his people empty-handed, he found that his entire tribe had been enslaved by Kyrust. Krojun tracked the slave caravan for days, finally catching up to it a few miles from Urglin’s gates, and in a fantastic display of rage and power, single-handedly defeated the orcs and their leader Kyrust. It was only as Krojun claimed the orc’s belt of giant strength as both a trophy and a symbol of the Sklar-Quah’s power over the orcs that he realized the truth—that strange old sorcerer had indeed given him a gift: the gift of rage. Without the skills and strength Krojun honed in completing the tasks the sorcerer had set him to, he would surely have fallen in such a combat as he had just won.

Today, Krojun is at the forefront of the Sun Clan’s efforts to strike back at the orcs and tshamek who have hammered away at the Shoanti for centuries.

Krojun Eats-What-He-Kills

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