Mandraivus the Lost

Dread Wraith


A towering smoky form rises from the plate-mail-clad bones— this cursed and wrathful spirit is none other than Mandraivus, driven to madness by his centuries of imprisonment in Scarwall. He appears as a shadowy humanoid clad in plate armor made of dark mist. Two red eyes glow deep inside his helm. Mandraivus’s stricken soul now exists as a dread wraith. Almost all shreds of his actual personality have long since faded, with his hatred all that remains.


When the orcs invaded Scarwall, Mandraivus and his soldiers held them off for some time in the front area before falling back to this room. One by one, Mandraivus’s final guards fell to the invaders until it was only Mandraivus who remained alive. The orcs finally overwhelmed him here. But as the orcs delivered the final blow and Mandraivus’s presence in the castle ended, the latent spirits within Scarwall rose up in triumph. It didn’t take the malevolent, wrathful dead long to slaughter the orcs and drive them out of the castle and claim the building as their own. Bold Mandraivus, victor of a hundred battles, hero of Ustalav, and slayer of Kazavon lies here still, his skeleton slumped ignobly among those of his foes and servants, an anonymous tomb for a great hero.

Mandraivus the Lost

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