Chained Spirit


Its eyes blazing in deathless rage, a phantom floats unfettered by the bonds of the living world. The ghostly horror possesses its own ethereal bonds, though, its semi-transparent, vaguely humanoid figure clenched in the hold of countless crisscrossing chains—writhing and tightening over its vaporous form in unending torture. Several of these chains extend from the ghost’s body, some dangling through the floor or reaching seemingly through the ceiling above, while others pool in spectral lengths upon the ground like solid things.


Kazavon’s castellan Mithrodar now exists as a powerful ghostlike undead known as a chained spirit.

As Kazavon’s second-in-command, his spirit became the lord of Scarwall when Mandraivus was slain so long ago and the unquiet dead of Scarwall rose up. Mithrodar now maintains complete command of Scarwall, yet ironically he is also its most tightly bound prisoner. As with all chained spirits, he derives much of his power by investing fragments of his own undead soul in four spirit anchors. With each spirit anchor defeated, Mithrodar grows much less powerful, and if all four are destroyed, the chained spirit himself can be destroyed as well. The four chains that descend from Mithrodar’s ghostly body are physical manifestations of this link; each anchor destroyed removes one of these chains.

After all these years, little remains of Mithrodar’s personality. He is now not much more than a malevolent intelligence eager to see that the haunting of Scarwall continues, yet constantly in fear that a powerful force will cast him adrift by destroying his anchors. Mithrodar is at once in a position of power, for he commands much necromantic magic, and one of servitude, as he cannot directly influence events in Scarwall. In many ways, his condition is a punishment handed down from Zon-Kuthon himself—until Mithrodar fails at defending Kazavon’s lair again, he is cursed to watch and wait.


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