Ashmede Demon


As with most ashmedes, Nihil appears as a twisted, contorted humanoid with as much iron as flesh to her body. A huge pair of batlike wings unfurl from her back, and she wields a brutal magic scythe in combat.


The ashmede devils of Hell’s deeper circles function as judges and executioners. When they are encountered on the Material Plane, they are typically on missions of murder, sent by higher powers to assassinate heretics, traitors, and failures. The ashmede known as Nihil the Ashbringer was gifted to Kazavon by Zon-Kuthon himself to serve as enforcer and personal assassin. She filled this role admirably, creating a network of spies from among the many gargoyles and devilkin that occupied Scarwall during Kazavon’s reign in order to keep tabs on all that went on in his realm. As the end drew near, Nihil’s spies uncovered a plot involving one of Kazavon’s field generals, who apparently was treating with a small group of heroes who were planning an assault on Scarwall. Eager to mete out punishment, she and her devils and gargoyles took flight. It took them several days to reach the fortress at which the supposed traitor was posted, and when the devils arrived, they took their time torturing and killing everyone there.

It wasn’t until Nihil felt the sudden stabbing pain of Kazavon’s death at the height of the assault that she realized she’d been duped. Driven into a mindless frenzy, Nihil slaughtered everyone at the outlying fortress before teleporting back to Scarwall with her devils, only to find the place now under the control of Mandraivus and his cabal. She attacked several times, but was unable to reclaim Scarwall or avenge her master’s death. Since each assault further eroded her army’s numbers, the devil eventually went into hiding in the surrounding hills as she waited for her gargoyles to return from the long flight. A day after they did, the orcs came to Scarwall. Nihil saw her opportunity, and rather than immediately attack Mandraivus, she came here, to Kazavon’s tower, to see what she could gather of his remains or his treasures. She was still here when Mandraivus was slain and Scarwall’s undead curse awoke. Mithrodar seized the ashmede’s soul immediately, affixing her to the castle by making her one of his four chained spirits, and Nihil has remained here ever since.


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