Perishial Kalissreavil

Mierani Ambassador


Almost as rare as Druids in Korvosa, the handful of elves present hail from the Mierani forest. Their leader serves as Ambassador between Korvosa and the Mierani. A small enclave specifically built for the elves exists in South Shore.


Most nobles in Korvosa know or have met the Mierani diplomat or members of his entourage. Bored young women of the human noble families occasionally approach the Mierani enclave looking for an adventurous rendezvous with someone exotic and beautiful. Rather lustful himself, Perishial welcomes these trysts with bemused pleasure and claims each one strengthens the bonds between Korvosa and the elves. In his years as a diplomat, Perishial has fathered countless half-elf offspring in this way, while the other males have collectively contributed to dozens more.

Perishial Kalissreavil

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