Ruan Mirukova

Varisian Prodigy


The young Varisians live together in a modest apartment off Overton Way, not far from the Marbledome where Deyanira works as a chorus girl and Ruan plays ocarina in the orchestra. He and Deyanira have been friends with Andi and Ali Zeldana since they were kids.

Ruan is a prodigy with the Ocarina. He has many well-paying gigs within town, and often invites Andrezi to come perform with him. If only to keep Andi away from his sister.

Recently, Ruan was invited to play at a special party at Carowyn Manor, and invited his friend Andi along to dance as well. The manor is attacked by a crazy elf dressed as a Harlequin, who infects and kills everyone there with blood veil. When Ruan and Andi didn’t fall ill, the elf kept them prisoner until Rolth and a few Grey Maidens showed up to collect them. They were then taken to the Temple of Urgathoa underneath the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden to be experimented on.

Ruan Mirukova

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