Sabina Merrin

General of Korvosa and Leader of the Grey Maidens


A beautiful woman dressed in magnificent plate armor, Sabina possesses a head-turning Gothic beauty. She hovers protectively around the queen serving as royal bodyguard, handmaiden, and (rumor purports) lover.



Former student (and love interest) of Vencarlo Orsini. She moved quickly up the ranks within Castle Korvosa’s guards to be at the right hand (and love interest) of Queen Ileosa herself.

As the Grey Maidens were formed, Sabina Merrin was placed at the command of their ranks.

Gray maiden 2

She became aware however that something was amiss with her idol, and sought in small ways to help those affected. The heroes of Korvosa became her hope to set things right again.

Sabina Merrin

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