Shadowcount Sial

Exceedingly Dour and Serious Follower of Zon-Kuthon


This dour soul takes his faith much more seriously than some elves he’s acquainted with. He is rarely seen without the chain devil Asyra at his side.

Sial comports himself with an air of superiority, always walking with his chin held high and his expression one of knowing disdain. When interacting with those outside the Brotherhood, Sial typically speaks slowly and softly, as though addressing small children. To those in service to him, though, such as lower-ranking members of the Brotherhood of Bones, Sial is harsh and biting, a leader who brooks no dissent. Sial is a fastidious dresser, wearing all jet-black, layered with a spotless hakama.


Sial didn’t start his priestly career in the service of the Midnight Lord. Instead, he entered the priesthood of Asmodeus at a young age, eager to leverage the political capital it would provide him in his native Cheliax. A gifted academic, Sial quickly became an accomplished devil binder, but slowly drifted from the church as his use for the connections of organized religion began to wane. Sial’s outlook changed drastically, however, after he listlessly undertook a 1-year assignment to serve as an ambassador on the Cheliax/Nidal border at a monastery dedicated to the teachings of Zon-Kuthon. Sial took the post hoping to further his knowledge of the complex but poorly understood relationship between devils and undeath, but quickly became enraptured by the rituals he saw performed there. Here was the song of faith that had so long eluded him in the service to Asmodeus.

Sial’s defection was swift, and not the first of its kind. The church of Zon-Kuthon faked his death and whisked him away to the heart of its shadowy nation, where he was put in contact with the Brotherhood of Bones. Within weeks, Sial’s knowledge of devilbinding and all things infernal markedly increased that area within the Brotherhood, and his swift rise in the ranks to the vaunted title of Shadowcount made him the pride of the church. Over the following years, Sial swiftly became one of the Brotherhood’s most trusted agents and now acts as an elderly mentor to many within the Brotherhood. He has since re-established his name in Cheliax after several tense summits with the church of Asmodeus, and he now serves as an ambassador and diplomat when needed.

Shadowcount Sial

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