Vencarlo Orsini

Head Instructor of Orsini Fencing Academy


Vencarlo Orisini is a tall man of advanced years, yet with a twinkle in his eye and a bounce to his step that hints at a vibrancy and inner fire of a man under half his age. He wears his salt-and-pepper hair pulled back tightly into a bravo’s top-knot. His eyes are a cast of deep green like the ocean after a storm. Orisini wears black leather gloves to ensure the oils of his skin don’t rust the pommel of his shining steel rapier. This rapier is his pride, and he speaks of it in tones normally reserved for a loved one.


A gregarious, gentleman and philosopher with a genteel attitude and a devil-may-care smile, Vencarlo Orisini runs his academy in Old Korvosa. An enigmatic figure, he is infamous both as one of Korvosa’s most respected and renowned teachers of the honorable arts of fencing and swordplay and as a political opponent of the Queen. Vencarlo is a complimentary and polite man, presenting the image of a dandy playing at swordplay though his near endless network of contacts hint at a great deal of political savvy.

Although he hinted at lasting animosity with his former student, Vencarlo has thanked the heroes for rescuing Grau Soldano from the bottle. When queried about the scandal involving himself, Grau and Sabina, Vencarlo sadly added that “she found her true calling — I just hope that it’s something that deserves her attentions.”

Since losing both Grau and Sabina as students, Vencarlo has seen little to inspire him among his new pupils. Fresh out of protégés, Vencarlo has on several occasions seriously considered closing his academy, appearing somewhat distressed about the empty halls in his estate.

Vencarlo has recently been feeding information to the Korvosan Watch about new developments on the street level. He had recently taken Trinia Sabor under his protection after Blackjack deposited her at his door, promising to get her out of the city to safety to prevent her execution.

Since the debacle of the execution, Vencarlo has opted to go to ground.

Vencarlo Orsini

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