Bone House

Minor Artifact


Aura strong conjuration and necromancy; CL 17th
Slot —; Weight 2 lb.


A bone house is a variant of the instant fortress developed by the Brotherhood of Bones. Only a few of these items exist, and they are granted only to the Brotherhood’s favored agents. Each bone house appears as a fist-sized bone carving of a skull-topped fortress. When activated by speaking a command word, it grows to form a tower 20 feet square and 30 feet high, with arrow slits on all sides and a crenelated battlement atop it. The bone walls extend 10 feet into the ground, rooting it to the spot and preventing it from being tipped over. The fortress has a small door that opens only at the command of the owner of the fortress—even knock spells can’t open the door.
The bone walls are magically enhanced to be as hard as stone, and have 100 hit points and hardness 10. The bone house can be repaired by casting inflict spells on the walls, with each 10 points of negative energy repairing 1 point of damage. A bone house springs up in just 1 round, with the door facing the device’s owner. The door opens and closes instantly at his command. People and creatures nearby (except the owner) must be careful not to be caught by the fortress’s sudden growth. Anyone so caught takes 10d6 points of damage (Reflex DC 19 half ). The interior of a bone house is under the constant effects of a desecrate spell (the bone house itself is considered an altar to Zon-Kuthon for the purposes of determining the desecrate’s modifiers).
Once a bone house is expanded into tower size, its owner can create up to four mummies per month from the drifts of bone ash and detritus that litters the inner rooms. Creating a mummy in this manner takes 10 minutes, and the owner must be inside of the bone house the entire time. Mummies created gain +2 hit points per HD (thanks to the desecrate effect), and guard the contents of the bone house without needing to be commanded. If the owner wishes to command these mummies to perform other tasks, he must use other means to do so. No more than four mummies may be active at one time.
A bone house is deactivated by speaking a command word (different from the one used to activate it). It cannot be deactivated unless it is empty.

Bone House

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