Tag: Imprisoned


  • Jolistina Susperio

    Jolistina Susperio is a sick-minded forsaken elf. The pesh-addicted, self-destructive elf —terribly immature for her near-180-year age— had fawned over the necromancer ever since he half-threatened, half-promised to turn her into a zombie one day. …

  • Verik Vancaskerkin

    At the behest of his lover Melyia, Verik abandoned his post with the guard to help feed the poor in north shore during the riots. A few enterprising guardsmen joined him and ran the butcher business for him while he spent most of his days getting drunk …

  • Vendra Loaggri

    Claimed to have the cure for blood veil, which turned out to be as much of a sham as her "free imp with every purchase" scheme a few years ago. Turns out a combination of river water and perfume does no better to cure blood veil than hope is a plan.

  • Toff Ornelos

    Toff Ornelos is the current head of the Ornelos family. His ancestor, Volshyenek Ornelos was the original founder of the Academae. He made his way to headmaster by summoning and binding a powerful demon to his will as way of proving his strength in magic. …

  • Togomor

    Not much is known of the new seneschal, save for he is a graduate of the Academae as well as a study of the practice of bloat magic. His familiar, Pudgyknuckles, is a voracious imp who is frequently seen eating.