Chapter 6 Crown of Fangs

Return to Korvosa

Sky battles
The city of Korvosa is a different place than the one the Heroes left in search of answers. The city is quieter, its streets calm and silent. Yet this is not a healthy calm—it is the calm of utter oppression. Where once throngs of traffic clogged busy streets, only a few wagons clatter and furtive locals walk. Gone are the sounds of merchants hawking their wares, the smells of fresh-baked food, the clang of ships’ bells at the docks, or the cry of a Sable Company hippogriff winging through the sky. Ileosa and her Gray Maidens have been at work on Korvosa, night and day, and the result is a city of broken spirited citizens desperate for deliverance but too cowed by the atrocities and cruelties witnessed in the streets to rise up. The people of Korvosa need heroes.

Current News

The following would be noticed upon return to the city, and with little gathering of information.

Church of Abadar

Archbanker Tuttle and the Bank have publicly announced their support of Queen Ileosa’s reign. They are currently assisting in the construction of her statues.

Construction of Ileosa’s Statues

Ileosa has commissioned the creation of four immense statues of herself in Korvosa. The moving of huge blocks of stone into position is a task she’s put many of the city’s laborers to, under the watchful eye of the Gray Maidens. Each statue is to be of stone with copper highlights. Every few days, new blocks of stone are hauled in from the Great Tower in the Heights, and the locals are tasked with maneuvering the blocks into place, joined by several priests of Abadar commissioned to use stone shape to make the blocks into one solid sheet. After this, a small army of sculptors is brought in to chisel away at the blocks. Starting with Ileosa’s feet, the projects have proceeded in this manner from the ground up. So far, each statue is complete up to Ileosa’s knees and stands twenty feet high. Statues are being built in Endrin Square, Eodred’s Square, Jeggare Circle, and South Shore Square.

Dismantling of the Great Tower

Numerous laborers and engineers are picking apart this tower from the top down, harvesting the stone that composes this famous Korvosan landmark for the four statues Ileosa has requisitioned. Many have perished at this task already, and the steadily diminishing tower is a depressing symbol of the city’s drastic decline to all who watch.

The Blooding

This sinister program is overseen by the Temple of Asmodeus. Archbishop Ornher Reebs has been tasked by Queen Ileosa with collecting a single vial of blood from as many of Korvosa’s citizens as he can. His priests are still collecting blood from the citizens of the Heights, meticulously cataloging each “donor” and storing the vials in the largest storeroom under Kendall Amphitheater, as per Ileosa’s direction.

The Exodus

Trail’s End lies quiet and empty, as the majority of the Varisian population seems to have moved out. The sewers are quieter as well, the Wererat population having relocated.

Quiet Skies

With the absence of the Sable Company griffons, the sky is already quieter than usual. More eerie is the absence of Korvosa’s prolific pseudodragon population. Their absence is filled by a larger than usual showing of Imps patrolling the skies.

The Breaching Festival

The Breaching Festival, founded in 4544 AR, has been one of the most important annual events in Korvosa. Queen Ileosa is adamant that this popular event still take place, “For the Morale of the People”.

Chapter 6 Crown of Fangs

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