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This campaign will chronicle a group of Korvosan citizens and their rise to becoming Heroes of Korvosa. If you plan to run this campaign, beware for spoilers abound! This campaign is running alternatively with a Serpent’s Skull campaign.

Old korvosa slums by ben wootten

Korvosa has long been considered the edge of the wild frontier of Varisia. Founded by the Chelaxian government around 4407, this city has been through a lot of strife. Yet the people remain strong and defiant against those that would beat them down, hence the reason Korvosa has remained through its troubles. Unbeknownst to the Korvosans, great wars have been taking place nearby for millennia. One war in particular may shape the future to come, as a sleeping evil beneath Korvosa waits patiently for its day to rise again.

This time has been anticipated by the gods. A time of turmoil and strife that Korvosa’s citizens may not be able to solve alone is quickly arriving. The only thing that may save the city is a band of likely (and unlikely) heroes, who don’t even know themselves the path that awaits….

Gidion hasn’t always been a devotee of Iomedae with noble goals and ideals. In his younger years it was probably far from his mind. As a child, Gidion was kidnapped and forced into service as the work-boy of a vile low-life named Gaedren Lamm. Gidion learned to lie, cheat, and steal under the harsh man’s tutelage, until he was caught stealing from a cleric of Iomedae. This eventually led to his near murder at Gaedren’s hands, and a turn toward a more lawful life. Gidion still hasn’t banished his childhood demons, and hopes one day to bring Lamm to justice.

Alianna is the daughter of a Varisian bard and his lovely chelaxian wife, whom he stole away from her noble family in a whirlwind romance that continues today. She and her older brother Andrezi grew up in Korvosa, fleecing travelers and citizens alike, and causing no end of relatively harmless trouble. Ali joined a bard’s academy and would have gone far if it wasn’t for her discovery of the drug Shiver. Gaedren Lamm turned her to the drug, and took advantage of her desperation for more on several occasions. She nearly died trying to break free, but fortunately her brother Andi caught on to the danger in time and helped nurse her back to health. Furious at what she’d nearly done, he demanded to know who her dealer was, but Ali refused to tell. She was too ashamed of what the drug had made her do, and she didn’t want her brother to be able to take revenge on the vile man before she did herself.

Ivan is one of the many unfortunate children born from a dalliance with the ambassador to the Mierani elves. Most of these half-elf spawn turn to pettiness. Ivan still has hope, but his future is yet unclear. Ivan’s mother was murdered in an alley for a ring she wore. Gaedren Lamm had seen it and wanted the Varisian treasure for himself. Little did he know that the woman’s son would turn to him for employment later in an attempt to make money for himself and his sister to live by. After taking his mother, and then stealing a jewel gifted to him by family, he had sent Ivan too far to maintain his tenuous loyalty to the man. He hoped to surprise him in the night, taking him quickly to feed his alligator, but found his sister instead. So he took her for insurance against Ivan’s wrath. It could have worked too, if it had been just Ivan who had come to call….

Something Gaedren hadn’t anticipated was the fierce Varisian fortune teller he had murdered and fed to his alligator weeks before. She had more power than he had anticipated, and the grieving mother with a strong connection to her Harrow deck used her magic beyond the veil to gather allies against him. She found these allies in Gidion, Ali, and Ivan. She contacted each of them with images of her harrow deck, and they came to her call. They risked life and limb to break into Gaedren’s den, face their fears, and put the vile man down once and for all. It all seemed too easy at first. This man had tormented their thoughts and dreams even when they didn’t have a face or a name to give him. After he lay dead in his own hideout, the feelings were not as expected. Could it be that easy? Are we finally done? What is next for us?

As fate would have it, the wheels were already in motion to position these three and others as heroes for Korvosa. The gods of purity and balance watch on from afar as they move the pieces they have set, working against those of corruption and death, pain and violence. They sit back to watch their mortal players, and put their own faith in the heroes they have chosen to turn the tide against this evil, just as they had done centuries ago.

Curse of the Crimson Throne

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