Gidion Tantalon

Paladin/Cleric (Divine Scion) of Iomedae


Blond haired, Blue eyed Korvosan.

Str 16
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 18
Cha 18

Saves, Fort +14, Ref +9, Will +16

AC 26 (Full Plate +1 (10), Heavy Steel Shield +1 (4), Dex (1), Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (1))
Wields a Long Sword +1.


Gidion Tantalon was born in the middle of field near Korvosa. His parents, Simon and Veronica, were on their way to Korvosa when he was born. They came to Korvosa to move in with his mom’s sister, Aunt Judith. Judith had a business painting houses in Korvosa and was fairly prosperous. She was known to be allergic to regular home remedies.
Judith lived in the Midlands district and one day she was called to South Shore to paint a home and took Gidion with her. While out playing he saw a young elf child being bullied and Gidion stepped in to stop the other kids from bothering the elf child. Gidion got beat up pretty well during this but it wasn’t anything serious. Gidion helped get the young elf child home and there he met Perishial Kalissreavil. Perishial was impressed with Gidion and took him to a garden area in the elven enclave. There he presented Gidion with a special soul tree. This tree, as long it thrived, would give Gidion a +1 bonus to STR, CON and CHA. Gidion helped Perishial plant the tree in the elven enclave and Perishial cares for it when Gidion can’t come.
They lived with his Aunt for a few years until Veronica was raped. She had a child of that rape but that was all Simon and Veronica could stand of Korvosa. They planned to leave Korvosa and start over in a smaller town but they couldn’t take all of the kids with them at first. Gidion has 3 sister and 3 brothers (one born from the rape) (Donna, Elisabeth, Kendra, Alexander, Cedric and Hugh). They took his older siblings (Donna, Alexander and Cedric) with them to set up a new home for the family. Gidion was 6 when they left.
Shortly after his parents left, Gidion was out playing and was abducted by some men. The men brought him to Gaedren Lamm to become one of his “Little Lamms”. His parents came back to Korvosa to bring the rest of the kids to their new home but they couldn’t find Gidion. Gidion has no idea where they ended up or if they are still alive. Gidion is forced to become a pickpocket but was never very good at it.
One day, when Gidion was 12, he was trying to pick the pocket of a Cleric of Iomedae and the Cleric spots him and grabs him before he can get away. The Cleric, Nathan, saw something in Gidion and took Gidion to the church to Iomedae to talk with him. Gidion was scared at first. He had been lucky, up to this point, and was able to get away from anyone that had caught him trying to pick their pockets. Nathan starts preaching to him about Iomedae and how what he was doing was wrong. Gidion listens to him but he is so used to this life now that he doesn’t see how he can have any other kind of life. During Nathan’s preaching he stops talking in mid-sentence and stares at me in what Gidion could only call awe. Nathan then tells Gidion that he has had a vision and he believes Gidion to be the reincarnation of a hero of Iomedae. Gidion doesn’t know how to take this but he feels something inside of him when he is told this. He doesn’t really believe what Nathan says but agrees to start coming to church when he can.
Gidion is able to hide his trips to the church to Iomedae form Lamm and the others watching him for 2 years. Gaedren catches Gidion on his way to church one day and drags him to an abandoned building where he takes my holy symbol to Iomedae away from me and proceeds to beat me. Gaedren beats Gidion near to death and then sets fire to his wooden holy symbol and tosses it to the side and leaves. The burning holy symbol sets fire to the abandoned building but Gidion is to hurt to get himself out of the building. He starts feebly calling for help. Part of the roof collapses in and a beam of sunlight hits Gidion full in the face, temporarily blinding him. While he is blind he sees visions of death, war, and a face with burning blue eyes. Also during the vision he see a female, who he knows to be Iomedae forging a sword. Gidion’s sight is restored as people run into the building and drag him out of it. They explain that they heard Gidion calling for help. After being rescued from the fire Gidion made a vow to find out more about Iomedae.
Gidion went looking for his Aunt Judith but she had moved during the past 10 years and he couldn’t find her. He went to the Elven enclave and was taken in by Perishial for a short time. Gidion’s soul tree was looking a bit sickly and he stayed to tend the tree and help restore it to health. He stayed with the elves for nearly 6 months. During this time he would spend some of the time looking for his Aunt or any trace of his family.
One day while he was checking on a rumor he had heard about a possible location for his Aunt he came across a young girl being beat up by 2 young men. They had apparently tried to rape the girl and she had fought back. They had drawn weapons and were looking to kill the girl. Gidion rushed into the alley and with the girls help was able to hold off the 2 young men until they heard the watch coming. The young men heard the watch and broke and ran off. Gidion turned to ask the girl if she was alright and then realized that he recognized her. It was Trinia Sabor, one of Gidion’s friends when he lived in Midland with his Aunt. She thanked Gidion for his help and they got to talking about the past. Trinia and Gidion became very good friends and then lovers. She helped him relocate his Aunt, who had moved to the North Point district. Gidion moved back in with Aunt but she had lost track of where Simon and Veronica had moved to as they moved again while Gidion was missing.
Growing up in Midland Gidion and Trinia used to past by the house of old lady Iona. Old lady Iona used to work in her garden all the time and yell at all the kids to stay away from her house. Gidion and Trinia both remember being yelled at and being chased out of her yard. Old Lady Iona used to always walk around with her pet cat and she would been seen talking to the cat as if it understood what she said. Trinia was a very rebellious spirit and when Gidion was 15, Trinia and he played a joke on Old Lady Iona by capturing her cat and taking off with it. They intended to just hold on to it for a bit and make Old Lady Iona sweat, but 5 minutes after they had grabbed the cat Old Lady Iona showed up outside the alley they were hiding in and demanded the return of her cat. Old Lady Iona was actually a Witch and the cat happened to be her familiar. Iona was furious at Gidion and Trinia and put a curse on them for trying to take her cat. Gidion and Trinia thought nothing of it at the time but a week later the watch came and took Trinia away on a charge of treason. Gidion didn’t understand how they could think this and went looking for his aunt to help him get Trinia released. He found out that Judith was at Magistrate Boris Malaric’s house doing a painting job and went over there. When he got there he found that the watch was already there. Apparently his Aunt Judith had a bad coughing fit and was taken into the house. The housekeeper gave his aunt something for the cough not realizing that she was allergic to home remedies and Judith had bad reaction to the medicine. Judith ended up dying.
When Magistrate Malaric returned home he took pity on Gidion and listened to his story about Trinia. He promised to look into it and see if he could help get Trinia released if she was truly innocent. It took almost 3 months, and Gidion isn’t sure if anything Magistrate Malaric did helped but Trinia was exonerated of all charges and set free. During this time Gidion was staying at his Aunt’s house alone. He started going thru all his Aunt’s stuff and selling things so he could stay there. While digging thru all of her stuff he uncovered a well-wrought long sword. Apparently it has a family heirloom that had been collecting dust. He also found a lot of books that his aunt had and started reading them. Gidion found that he really liked to just relax and read and went thru most of his aunt’s library.
When Trinia finally got released she was changed. Trinia and Gidion were still friends but they were growing apart. It didn’t help that Gidion was becoming more Lawful while Trinia was still the Chaotic person she used to be. Also Gidion was quickly running out of things to sell and wouldn’t be able to stay in his Aunt’s house much longer. He talked with Magistrate Malaric and Boris was able to get Gidion drafted into the Korvosan Guard. Gidion went to the Korvosan Guards barracks shortly after his 16th birthday. The money from selling his Aunt’s house was barely enough to get him equipped enough to join the guard.
Gidion was tested and placed into the Korvosan Heavy Infantry. He found that he kind of liked the life of a guard. He also was able to learn how to use the sword he had found in his Aunt’s house. Gidion spent almost 2 years as a member of the Guard doing patrols and such in town before his superiors recognized his abilities and got him transferred to a Marine unit at Veldraine. While he was stationed at Veldraine he was part of a battle with some pirates that were attacking a small fishing village up the coast. He fought well during this battle and was commended for his bravery and fighting abilities (gained Weapon Focus: Long Sword). After being with the Marines for a year his superiors wanted him to learn about how the War Machines worked so they sent him off to Palin’s Cove to join the War Machine division.
During his 4 year tour in the Korvosan Guard he learned how to use a shield and a few tricks that he could use while using a shield (Equipment Trick – Shield). He also learned how to repair armor (3 ranks in Craft Armor), Military strategy (1 rank in Knowledge: History), how to disarm a person (Improved Disarm), how to survive (1 rank in survival) and learned how to see an enemy’s weaknesses during combat (1/day when I successfully identify a creature using Knowledge checks I can gain a +1 attack/damage vs. that creature type for 1 min). Gidion realized during his 4 year tour in the Guard that he needed to go back to the church so he left the Guard after his enlistment was up (with an extra 14 gold) and went to the church of Iomedae.
He joined the church at 20 and after 2 years of hard work he was finally become a Cleric of Iomedae and well as one of her Paladins. He know feels that he has found what he was meant to do and is ready to begin fulfill the vision that Father Nathan had of him so long ago.

Gidion Tantalon

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